Brooke provides short term and long term psychotherapy. She works with teens, adults, couples and families on learning how to reduce their worry, tension and conflict and feel more at peace.

Brooke has worked as a therapist for over ten years. She uses her experience and expertise to create an individualized plan that is as unique as each of her clients.

She has worked extensively with eating disorders, trauma, depression, addiction and relationship issues. She also has a special interest in divorce recovery, modern dating, and blended family dynamics.

After working with her, Brooke’s clients report:

  • less anxiety

  • more hopefulness

  • a better handle on PTSD symptoms

  • the ability to set boundaries with toxic people

  • a reduction in eating disorder symptoms

  • a more solid sense of direction

Video Therapy/Online counseling

Brooke provides psychotherapy through an online platform that gives her the ability to work with anyone who resides in the state of California. Even clients who live within 20 minutes of her office find this option to be convenient due to traffic or other scheduling concerns. It’s also great for stay at home moms or dads or if you can’t leave the office.



Brooke works with individuals and couples as a relationship and dating coach. She works with women and men recovering from a divorce or significant break-up and helps them learn from the past, grieve their old relationship, then move on to a healthy future. Her coaching services are available to anyone in the world and is provided by phone or video calls.

Brooke teaches her clients:

  • how to approach online dating (1/3 marriages today are by people who found each other online)

  • how to identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy partners

  • how to reduce their anxiety in relationships

  • how to deepen your connection with your partner

  • how to determine if your relationship is worth saving or if you need to leave

  • how to keep your sanity if you’re going through a divorce

Couples Coaching

You have a lot going on, so don’t want you to forget about the person you love the most. With a little education, re-direction, and ninja-like capabilities to quickly identify the source of people’s relationship pain, Brooke is here to help couples stop fighting, get on the same page, and even have amazing sex. And bonus? Because you’re happier in your relationship, your business will actually improve. As in, sales increase (okay, I can’t promise that, but I can tell you that divorce is pretty expensive, so, just reverse that logic).

She knows what works and what doesn't. She can quickly identify patterns that have kept people stuck for a lifetime. She also wants you to feel sexy, strong, and happy. She wants you to feel both connected and free.

Learn how to stay connected even when it’s really, impossibly busy:

  • Learn how your fighting has nothing to do with what you’re fighting about

  • Learn the miracle body postures that will rejuvenate your relationship and have you feeling blissful

  • Learn how to have your business and relationship work together instead of against each other

  • Learn how to bring sexy back (or for the first time!)

  • Learn how being the best version of your individual selves can make you the ultimate power couple