Individual Coaching

Brooke consults with women who have struggled to love their body for years but may or may never have had an eating disorder. Many women live in a state of resignation with their bodies--neither loving it nor hating. However, it is absolutely possible to love your body. To welcome her, to feed her, to enjoy her--passionately. Brooke believes that within every woman is a beauty that they have simply kept hidden. A beauty that if unleashed, would nourish her and everyone around her with life and bliss. For individual coaching, Brooke provides an all encompassing assessment--preferably in the client's home--and then writes a tailored plan that, if followed, will unlock the key to true and lasting love for one's body.  

Group Coaching

Brooke has created a private FaceBook group and coursework dedicated to creating a safe community for women to gather and encourage each other on their path to body love. Women have lost their connection with one another and have instead started competing with one another. This is not natural or healthy. Join the community of sisters dedicated to love not competition!


If a woman has a history of a severe eating disorder or is currently suffering from one, coaching and teaching may not suffice. Brooke specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and has a team of medical professionals she collaborates with--a primary care physician, psychiatrist, and registered dietician who all specialize in the treatment of eating disorders. 


Brooke is certified to provide supervision to Marriage and Family Therapist Interns.


Brooke is available for women's retreats and speaking engagements. 

Corporate and Professional Consultation

Psychological principles are not only for individuals, but groups as well. Consult with Brooke about how to create a healthier and more satisfying work environment. Brooke is available for corporate and professional consultations. 

For all services, please e-mail Brooke at for more information.