I am SO excited to announce that I will be running my first body image workshop for women. My heart just wants to BURST with happiness when I think about helping women heal their relationships with their bodies. Women are the crown and glory of creation--and yet they feel beaten down, ugly, and "fat".  

In this workshop, we will explore a deep pain that most women have dealt with for as long as they can remember—body hatred. And then we will discuss three powerful shifts you can easily make to LOVE your body.

 This workshop also includes a COMPELLING and DYNAMITE  moving meditation taught by renowned S factor instructors (otherwise known as miracle workers)—designed to UNLOCK your beauty and self- love.

 The first workshop is going to be held at S Factor, a place that is very near and dear to my heart—it is a female only pole dance studio—with no mirrors. In fact, we say, “my sister is my mirror, because she tells the truth about my body.”

And that is what I’d like to do—to tell you the truth about your body. Imagine that I’m coming alongside you and calling out your beauty, your loveliness, and your exquisiteness. Together we’ll deconstruct the lies that keep you small, that keep you dimming your light, that keep you thinking your feminine body—in all of its curves, its power, its fertility, and its light—is somehow ugly, dangerous, bad, or in need of correction.  I’m going to share truth that will free you from the bullshit of diets, of surgery, of workouts that make you want to vomit.

I have worked for many years as an eating disorder therapist helping women whose body image has become so low they destroy their bodies by starving, laxative abuse, bingeing, vomiting, compulsive exercising, ADHD medication abuse, even methamphetamine use—all in an effort to find that elusive “perfect body.” They have abused their bodies to the point where their hearts begin to slow and the rest of their body begins to shut down.

But here’s what I have discovered: the women with severe eating disorders have simply traveled further down the path of body hatred that we have all been on. Ask ANY woman if she loves her body and she will probably nervously chuckle and make some joke about her “baby weight,” stretch marks, scars, breast size—or some other imperfection she has decided to hone in on.

Most women live in purgatory with their bodies—neither hating it with the intensity that eating disorder clients do, but not loving it like those rare sirens you encounter from time to time.  They have simply “accepted” their bodies as a fact of life, sort of like the dirty dishes in the sink. But what if I told you it was absolutely within your reach to be IN LOVE with your body? To relish every curve, every inch, every so-called blemish and walk in the world with the confidence of a queen?

In this workshop, we will deconstruct the lie that beauty lies in your external appearance.  We will look to the stories of our ancestors and modern women and learn from them.  We will honor wolf law # 8, which is to “tend to the bones”.  We’ll look to the women that have changed the course of history and be inspired by their chutzpah and vitality. We’ll learn from sisters in our current time that are bending over backwards for the perfect “look”—only to find themselves lonelier and emptier than ever.

We will gather as women and re-connect to each other. We will return to the Source.


Who: All women, age 18 and over

Date: March 25, 2017 1pm-6pm

Where: Sheila Kelly’s S Factor 2790 Harbor Blvd. Suite 210 Costa Mesa, CA

Cost: $190 (includes workshop, sparkling wine, yummy foods—specific caterer TBA)

Space is VERY limited so e-mail me at to reserve your spot TODAY.