4 Ways to work with me

  • Members’ Academy

  • Individual Consulting

  • Couples’ Consulting

  • Individual Therapy

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Members’ Academy

I wanted to create an educational space where I could reach LOADS of people and teach them all I have learned professionally and personally in the last ten + years as a therapist (yup, that’s well over the 10,000 hour mark). I started my career after college as a high school English teacher and have always believed in the power of knowledge and education as a means to inner and outer freedom. I believe that education can and does change the world—and I believe that the areas of mental health and relationships are a place that people are particularly reluctant to say they want to know more about because of the stigma (still) in many parts of the world and the country. Online education is only growing because people can access the information from anywhere AND the anonymity creates safety.

My Members’ Academy is an exclusive collection of educational videos that is regularly (twice/week) updated with content that members request. With your membership, you receive access to all past and newly released content for as long as you are a member. If you’re ready to sign up click here:

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about my newest project, the members academy!

individual Consulting

I see women all around me living and looking like ghosts—no one is home—their light isn’t ON. They have no idea what turns them on, what brings them pleasure, how to say ‘NO’, or how to enjoy men. And I’m not just talking about sex—I’m talking about learning to live a turned on LIFE. Where you learn to walk this planet enjoying your damn sexy self. Even while doing the laundry or your taxes. Ladies, if you work with me, we will address these issues:

  • your body image problems you’ve held onto since you were 13

  • your inability to receive love

  • your worthiness

  • your ability to feel pleasure

  • your ability to identify what you want in all areas of your life

  • clarity in relationship issues

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Couples Consulting

It makes me SO SAD when couples aren’t connected. Because your relationship CAN be a source of energy, sizzle, contentment and everything you’ve ever wanted it to be. You’re just getting in your own way.

With a little education, re-direction, and ninja-like capabilities to quickly identify the source of people’s relationship pain, I help couples stop fighting, get on the same page, and even have amazing sex. And bonus? Because you’re happier in your relationship, your business will actually improve. As in, sales increase (okay, I can’t promise that, but I can tell you that divorce is pretty expensive, so, just reverse that logic).

I know what works and what doesn't. I can quickly identify patterns that have kept people stuck for a lifetime. I also want you to feel sexy, strong, and happy. I want you to feel both connected and free.

Learn how to stay connected even when it’s really, impossibly busy:

  • Learn how your fighting has nothing to do with what you’re fighting about

  • Learn the miracle body postures that will rejuvenate your relationship and have you feeling blissful

  • Learn how to have your business and relationship work together instead of against each other

  • Learn how to bring sexy back (or for the first time!)

  • Learn how being the best version of your individual selves can make you the ultimate power couple

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I provide short term and long term psychotherapy. I work with teens, adults, couples and families on learning how to reduce their worry, tension and conflict and feel more at peace.

I have worked as a therapist for over ten years. I use my experience and expertise to create an individualized plan that is as unique as each of my clients.

I have worked extensively with eating disorders, trauma, depression, addiction and relationship issues. I also have a special interest in divorce recovery, modern dating, and blended family dynamics.

After working with her, Brooke’s clients report:

  • Healing from painful family of origin issues

  • less anxiety

  • more hopefulness

  • a better handle on PTSD symptoms

  • the ability to set boundaries with toxic people

  • a reduction in eating disorder symptoms

  • a more solid sense of direction