I hear my lover...he is coming on the breeze.

The sands of time, circumstance

And nearly anything—

Do not deter me.


Selfish and pure in my love—

Demanding, coy, selfless, and full of fire.


We dance, me and my love—each step uncovers and unleashes—

The Wild within.


Does the male desire for sex trigger you? Make you squirm, angry, uncomfortable, frustrated, confused? Even full of rage? Esther Perel says, “it’s not that women don’t like sex, they just don’t like the sex they’re having.” I concur. Most women I work with that have “low desire” have loads of unresolved trauma (individual and collective), OR, their lover just doesn’t light them up—probably some combination of the two—because if your trauma is unresolved, you’re not in tune with what your body desires—she can’t smell if he (or she) will make her pussy wet.

 Woman: prioritize your Wild Woman. She will get rid of the lover that you’ve been settling for, and burn everything that isn’t serving you. And you’ll be turned on in your entire life.

And tuning in to her body—her desires—her pleasure—is the number one thing that will destroy the patriarchy. Because female body sovereignty is the most terrifying thing to an order that wants to control female power.


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